OC3D Exclusive: OCZ to release Core V2 SSD Page: 1
OCZ Core V2 SSD's promise increased read/write speed and density OCZ Core V2 SSD
Manufacturers of enthusiast memory products, OCZ Technology, are to release a new Solid State Drive (SSD) to their ever expanding line of enhanced SSD drives. Known as the Core V2, it promises significantly improved read and write times to that of the original Core. Read times are specified at up to 170MB/s and write times at up to 98 MB/s.
As well as improved read/write times the OCZ Core V2 will deliver improved seek times - from .3-.4 milliseconds from the original Core to .2-.3 milliseconds on Core V2. The Core V2 will be available in an increased density of up to 250GB.
With the introduction of new firmware, the Core V2 offers excellent compatibility for system builders and the inclusion of an mini-USB port actually makes it possible for customers to update firmware as it becomes available. This is a nice touch as it means OCZ can  be more proactive with compatibility issues on customer units.
Pricing for the OCZ Core V2 SSD is expected to be between 10-15% above that of the original Core, and they will be available in limited numbers starting next week.
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