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 Aries Cooler MARS 840 Competition 


The OC3D New Years Competition has rapidly become a staple fixture of this site. If you recall last year we gave away the amazing Arora Project, which was a £2500 i7 based system stuffed inside a Time To Live Customs modded Lian Li A70 with about the finest, sexiest, paint job this side of, well almost anything.


In January OC3D will be evolving into a fresh modern website with an amazing new look and brand new forums. To mark this momentous occasion OC3D has partnered several manufacturers and TTL once more,  to bring you this years amazing prize.


Regular readers of our forums will be aware of a project log that has recently appeared on the forums call Aries. So far the build has been secretive, but enticing. The odd reveal here. A glimpse of hardware there. As the Cooler Master 840 part of the name suggests, we don't mind showing you the main chassis. So far it has been treated to a high quality internal powder-coat. But what of the rest? 


Project Aries Project Aries read 


The detectives among you will have already had thoughts about what the missing hardware could be. All the clues are available, will you be able to piece them together? Its been long enough, we cant keep it quiet any longer. Thanks to the guys over at Asus, OC3D have been given the first and only Asus MARS that will ever be given away worldwide! In true OC3D fashion this wasnt enough so we have also go a limited Edition Bitspower MARS water block to go with it! Can it get any better?


If you want to keep up to date with the progress of Project Aries, grab a few more hints about what is in store, or even let us know what you think the final specifications for the 2010 OC3D New Years Competition will be, then go to our forums.