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 OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810

OC3D Rig Gallery - jamesriley94

We have been noticing quite a few very good projects popping up in our Project Log section of the Forum recently and we though it’s about time we showcase some of them. If you haven't been there go take a look and even leave a log of your own if you’re planning a new build or even doing some mods of your own.

Today it’s the turn of jamesriley94, this user started off with his project/gallery called ‘insert meaningful title here’ which was a very good build which consisted of:

Intel 3770k
P8Z77 deluxe board
8GB Mushkin Blackline ram
Noctua D14
Corsair AX850 With braided cables
MSI 7950
Crucial M4 128GB
CoolerMaster 690 II

OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810

There were a few plans in the pipeline such as watercooling and a few other tweaks but in the end the next little update consisted of getting rid of the noisy 7650, changing all of the out of place red fans for Silverstone Air Penetrators and most disturbing he ditched the Noctua fans :o

So the ending spec of the system was:

P8Z77 deluxe
D14 with Silverstone fans
KFA2 670
Crucial M4
CM 690 II

OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810



This Elusive OC3D Xmas competition came around dubbed ‘Custom Corsair Christmas Compo’ and as most people on the forum did he entered hoping to win some goodies, well this year was his lucky year and he won 3rd place which entitled him to a £150 SpecialTech voucher and a selection of Corsair goodies which included the Vengeance 1500, M90 and the MM400.

Let’s start with what James did with the SpecialTech voucher. From the looks of things he planned to watercool his system in some way be it the Corsair h100 or a custom loop.

So James bit the bullet and decided to go buy some goodies with his winnings, roughly around half of his watercooling equipment was covered by the voucher and he put in some cash himself to get what he wanted.

He started off by getting hold of a NZXT Switch 810 and a Radiator, his original plan was to get something like a Trooper/Stryker and mod it however due to being a uni student there is a restriction on having power tools in halls. Also being a uni student limited his choices in purchases so there was no custom made parts or special fittings.

So after ordering most of the Watercooling equipment, case and everything else that he needed he though what the heck and went all out so ordered himself a new GPU and block.

Now some people are thinking ooooo 2 670’s well unfortunately his KFA2 670 wasn’t a reference design and he didn’t like the idea of a universal block, so in the end he went for a Raystorm GPU & CPU block’s.

He based most of his choices on reviews and advice from the one and only OC3D along with some previous experience.

He then looked back on how much he spent and it came close to £750 excluding the voucher, this got him thinking and he came up with the notion of well what are student loans for if not for watercooling?

The final spec after the new gear was added :

P8Z77-v Deluxe
AX850 with blue braided cables
8gb Mushkin Blackline
Xonar Essence STX
Crucial M4 128gb
NZXT Switch 810 Matte Black.

XSPC Raystorm Waterblock
XSPC 680 Razor Waterblock
Alphacool UT60 360mm Rad
XSPC D5 Reservoir with pump
Mastercleer Hi-Flex 7/16 with Bitspower 1/2 fittings.

So now on to some glory shots with all his lovely new kit installed.

  OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810  OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810  OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810  OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810OC3D Rig Gallery - Switch 810  


As for the other prize’s that he won well he has decided to hand them back to OC3D for someone else who could benefit more than himself. This decision was down to the fact that he has very similar gear and would have been very insincere of him to pretend that he would use the prizes.

I then asked him what made you decided to decline them and not simply sell then as some may do. His reply was a very modest and compelling, he was against selling them as he didn’t think it was right and that they could go to someone who would actually use them and be very grateful for them.

Another reason behind this was the fact that the forum has helped him a lot with advice and many other things so it seemed right to give back and possibly inspire others to help out on the forum if they can. Kudos for the kindness mate it’s nice to see.

James did say he would like to thank SpecialTech for not only the voucher but the awesome service when ordering.

If you would like to visit his gallery feel free to do so in the OC3D Forums