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OC3D TechSearch - The enthusiast orientated Google search

Lets face it, most of us have Google set as our homepage. The convenience of being able to fire up that new browser window or create a new tab and have that simplistic Google search box beaming back at you is infinitely useful. But what if it could get EVEN better?

We're all enthusiasts right? So most of our searches are Motherboard this, Memory that. Reviews, News, things to spend our latest pay cheque on...etc. Well what if in addition to your usual Google search, you could also perform searches across all of the worlds largest and most respected technology forums, blogs, websites and even retailers in a single click! Handy huh?

OC3D TechSearch - The enthusiast orientated Google search

This is exactly what we're striving to achieve with OC3D's latest invention: TechSearch. By harnessing the power of Google's massive index along with our knowledge of global tech websites, we've managed to put together a custom search that's entirely focused on returning only the results you're looking for. No crummy price comparison site results, no dodgy unheard of retailers. Just the good stuff.

Check out TechSearch now, and be sure to set it as your homepage if you find it useful. After all, its got all the features of your usual Google home, along with everything you need as an enthusiast!

TechSearch can also be accessed from these conveniently short URL's:


We'd love to hear your feedback in our forums, and be sure to keep checking TechSearch as we're going to be running some AWESOME COMPETITIONS to kick things off.