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OcUK Bloomfield/X58 Pre-Orders
UK e-tailer Overclockers UK has put up listings for pre-orders of the 3 launch Bloomfield CPUs as well as three X58-based motherboards.  The price outlook?  Not too ridiculous actually.  The i7 920, 940, and 965 are going for £258.49, £469.99, and £822.49 including VAT respectfully.  Based on OcUK's other prices, this puts the lower-end 920 a touch over the Q9450 (£234.99), the middle 940 a fair bit more expensive than the Q9650 (£381.86), and the EE 965 quite a bit below Intel's current top chip, the QX9770 (£969.36).
The X58 chipset is, perhaps a bit unfortunately, in the top-end market, and the prices of these opening offering Bloomfield-compatibly boards reflect that.  Intel's own offering, dubbed the "SmackOver," is the cheapest at £234.99.  The other two boards currently seen come from ASUS.  The P6T Deluxe vanilla and "OC Palm Edition" boards weigh in at £252.61 and £281.99.
Now perhaps the most interesting aspect of these listings is the ETA date: October 31st.  This is earlier than the previously forecasted November launch.
How do you like the look of OcUK's pricing and ETA date?
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