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PC Power & Cooling (PCPCS), the power supply subsidiary of OCZ Technology today announced the addition of the Silencer 760W power supply unit to its Silencer series of PSUs. The PSU comes with an 80 Plus Silver certification, making it a highly attractive option for customers who demand high-performance computing.

The new Silencer 760W PSU has been designed using a single 12V rail (74A) frame. It is SLI ready and boasts of a MTBF of 100,000 hours. The unit is cooled by an 80mm ball bearing fan that delivers a temperature rating of 500C while keeping sound down to 36dB(A). The temperature rating is twice that of the industry standard while the sound output is lower than that of most top line PSUs.

PCPCS has built the Silencer 760 like a rock and made it compatible with the latest and most demanding graphics cards. The PSU has been tested and qualified for power hungry systems – it delivers a steady 760 watts of continuous power, and has the ability to reach 835W at peak outputs when required.

For connectivity, the Silencer 760 features a dual PCI-Express 6-pin, dual PCI-Express 6/8 pin, and 20+4-pin, 8-pin, and 4/8-pin motherboard connectors, all of which make it fully compatible with all high-end components. Added to all these is the 80 Plus Silver certification the unit has been awarded owing to its 88% energy efficiency, a rating that is sure to make it a winner.

“The PC Power and Cooling Silencer power supplies have long been regarded as a top-quality solution by system builders and clients who require the very best performance and dependability,” said Charlie McMenomey, Product Manager at OCZ Technology Group. "Building on the proven core architecture of the original series, the new Silencer 760W further raises the bar with an 80 PLUS Silver efficiency, exceptional reliability and the power output to meet the demands of power users."

There is no word yet on the pricing or availability of the new PSU.

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OCZ Adds Silencer 760W PSU to Line-up