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OCZs Colossus Series SSD is fast, and enormous
OCZ Technology Group have today released the Colossus 3.5" Solid State Drive series. Aimed at fulfilling both the performance and the storage needs of enterprise and high-end desktop users. For the first time it's possible to have the high performance of an SSD and the capacity of todays modern users.
The OCZ Colossus comes complete with an internal RAID 0 architecture that provides excellent performance, especially during common tasks such as the transferring of small amount of data when emailing or browsing.
“The new Colossus Series is designed to boost desktop and workstation performance and is for high power users that put a premium on speed, reliability and maximum storage capacity,” said Eugene Chang, VP of Product Management at the OCZ Technology Group. “The Colossus core-architecture is also available to enterprise clients with locked BOMs (build of materials) and customized firmware to match their unique applications.”
OCZ Colossus
When used with enterprise applications the Colossus SSD line reduces the performance bottlenecks that plague mechanical hard drive technologies and also reduces the heat and noise levels, translating to exceptional savings in energy and maintenance costs. To attract the enterprise clients even further it is equipped with the cost-effective multi-level cell flash technology to make it a viable option for those people hesitant to absorb the higher costs of competing products.
Speed has not been compromised when providing both cost-effectiveness and capacity, with read and write times as fast as the very best.
OCZ Speed
The Colossus SSD is available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB solutions. This accommodates a wider range of applications than current 2.5” SSD products and the 3.5” housing is a straight drop in for many existing systems. With 1.5 million hour MTBF and backed by OCZs 3 year warranty and dedicated technical support, users can purchase knowing their investment is secure for the long term. OCZ can also offer customisation options if you require tailored hardware and firmware solutions.
Amazon currently list the 1TB version at $3571.99.
Read the full specifications at OCZs Colossus product page here
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