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OCZ Technology Group Announces PC Power & Cooling’s Expansion of Silencer Line.
OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in ultra-high performance memory and PC components, have today announced the release of brand new additions to the Silencer line of PSU's from PC Power & Cooling, including a 500W EPS12V and Dell compatible model.  The efficient and economical 370W, 420W, and 500W Silencers offer mainstream system builders and professionals a robust power resource at an affordable price point.
PC Power & Cooling have designed the Silencer 370, 420, and 500 with a single +12 Volt Rail for optimum power distribution to all components.  All the new Silencer models are certified under the 80+ efficiency program so they run cool and save on utility power.  Even at peak loads, the new Silencer series, with its ultra-quiet fan and proprietary inlet design, remains virtually silent which would make them ideal for media PCs and noise-conscious environments.

"I am pleased that PC Power & Cooling is able to offer exceptional Silencer series performance and reliability at such an affordable price point, " stated Doug Dodson, founder of PC Power & Cooling and CTO of Power Management for the OCZ Technology Group. "The Silencer line now offers every type of computer user an option for the premium power management of their system."

The Silencer 370, 420, and 500 offer a range of power for mainstream gaming, home theatre, and work station PCs.  The 500W series features a specialized Dell version that allows Dell owners to upgrade their systems with the latest components including any of the new power-hungry high-performance graphics cards.
All of the Silencer line PSU's are backed by a 5 Year warranty.  For full specs of these PSU's, visit the following product pages:

Silencer 500EPS12V.
Silencer 500 Dell.
Silencer 420 ATX.
Silencer 370 ATX.
Are you looking for a new midrange PSU?  Or perhaps thinking of upgrading your dell and need more power?  With PCP&P's growing reputation as an enthusiasts favourite, let us know if you would consider purchasing one of the new PSU's in the Silencer line.  Discuss in our forum.