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Z-Drive Desktop Version
OCZ Z-Drive PCI Express SSDA few weeks ago, OCZ announced the release of their enterprise orientated Z-Drive series of PCI Express based solid state drives. They were insanely fast, but also very expensive, as all top of the range hardware is. However, OCZ have announced the desktop version of these drives which should cost less and be a more viable option for the enthusiast users out there.
The m84 series is designed to offer consumers a "high performance yet aggressively priced solid state solution." They will be available in 256, 512 and 1024GB varieties, all based on multi level cell (MLC) NAND memory, featuring 256MB of onboard cache and making use of the PCI Express x8 slot.
As there is no limitation from the SATA interface, the speeds are immense, starting at 650MB/s write and 750MB/s read on the 256GB model, rising to 780MB/s write and 870MB/s read speeds on the other two models.
Pricing or release date has not been set, but they should be around soon, hopefully for less than the £1250 - £9000 the current e84 series costs. All drives will be covered under OCZ's new 3 year warranty.
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