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Mouse Pads or mats are often a forgotten component when it comes to gaming PC’s. Most manufacturers don’t include them with pre-built computers and when building your own it’s certainly not the first thing to spring to mind. However, with modern day mice becoming more and more advanced, a high performance mouse pad is becoming ever more critical to getting that next killing spree on your favourite FPS.

For those of you now fretting at the thought of missing out on a bit of ‘pwnage’, OCZ has come to the rescue with their Behemoth Mouse Pad aimed directly at gamers. So let’s see what OCZ have to say about it:

With no need to reposition your mouse, the extra-large surface provided by the Behemoth provides the ultimate playing field for PC gaming or CAD applications. The exclusive “TriggerGrip” material is designed to be sensitive to even the smallest movements to optimize mouse accuracy and movement. The combination of the ultra-sensitive fiber and vast size allows for maximum mobility with the latest laser mice on the market and the washable, non-slip rubber base won’t budge even during intense gameplay or meticulous media editing.

OCZ has a fairly short specification listed on their website, with far less information compared to the likes of Razer; here is what they have listed:

* 380 x 260mm (4mm high)
* Ultra-Sensitive "TriggerGrip" Surface
* Ideal for high-performance laser mice

The Behemoth comes in a thin cuboid shaped box, which is made up of fairly thick card and a light gloss finish. It also has a little tab at the top for attaching to product rails in retail stores and like.
OCZ Behemoth Box OCZ Behemoth Box
The front and back of the box are outfitted in pretty much the same design, only differing slightly in the background graphics used. The OCZ logo is emblazoned across the middle which means that you’d definitely struggle to miss it if you walked past it in a retail store.

OCZ Behemoth Box Front OCZ Behemoth Box Side
The left side of the packaging is the most interesting. Here it has a bit of an introduction to the product, as well as a small image of the mouse mat itself. It also has the dimensions listed below the introduction/description. The right side features a bar code where the product is made - Taiwan.

Whilst the packaging is reasonable, it’s nothing special and it would have been nice to have seen a little more work gone into this.

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A Closer Look
The end of the packaging has a round clear sticker, which helps to prevent tampering with the product prior to purchase. Once you have removed this and pulled back the flaps you are greeted with the mouse pad itself.
OCZ Behoth Box end
The mouse pad is rolled up inside, although not very tightly. OCZ could have easily made the packing more compact by rolling the pad up further, although this could have had an effect on the product itself, so it’s good to see OCZ put quality above shipping costs.
Ocz Behemoth Mouse Pad Ocz Behemoth Mouse Pad
OCZ has chosen to go for a simple graphic rather than leaving it plain. The graphic isn’t particularly thrilling, nor do we feel that it would be easy to dislike, so OCZ have struck a good balance here.
OCZ Behemoth Up close- logo
A closeup of the logo shows the woven material top of the mouse pad. This gives it a nice texture to the touch and is also very smooth. This may not seem as advanced as some of the coatings used on gaming pads, but we found it very comfortable and responsive.
 OCZ behemoth- Back OCZ Behemoth- Beck Up close
 The underside is coated in a roughly textured rubber grip. It looks fairly complex, and certainly accomplished its job. The mouse pad had a firm grip of our desk, and successfully stayed in place throughout our gaming workout.
Whilst everything needed was there, it would have been nice if OCZ had included a little product catalogue or carry case with the pad - as the box felt a little empty compared to others.

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Testing Method

To give the mouse pad a thorough testing, we used it for over a week, performing our day-to-day tasks including photo editing as well as general office work. During the week we also managed to squeeze in the odd heavy gaming session (work permitting of course!) , with Crysis:Warhead and Counter-Strike:Source being the FPS's of choice.

Whilst playing the games we paid special attention to how comfortable the mat was to use; the precision of our game play and the general feel and responsiveness of the mouse pad as a whole.

General Use
In general use the OCZ performed very well. While it may not make a profound effect on production rates in the office, it certainly provided a much more comfortable experience, whilst also making mouse movements virtually silent.

Additionally, we also found the smoothness of the mouse pad helped in applications such as Photoshop, where pixel-perfect accuracy with the various tools is key. We were able to perform our usual tasks with ease; the accuracy you can achieve with the mouse pad is certainly a lot higher than using a standard pad or the desk itself.


When it came to gaming the Behemoth excelled. Our usual rounds of CSS were a much more comfortable affair. While the mouse pad may not feature a gel cushion or be extremely cushioned, it added an important layer between us and the desk.

The rest of our games were a similarly pleasurable experience. We found ourselves getting even more of those important head shots; thankful to the extra precision the Behemoth offered to us. The size of the pad was also incredibly useful, as I tend to use a low sensitivity, and turning 180 degrees to sight your enemy was no longer a lift-drag-lift-drag chore, but simply a quick zoom to the other side of the pad.
OCZ behemoth+Mouse

OCZ Behemoth Mouse Pad Page: 4
For those of you without a mouse pad, the Behemoth certainly adds an edge to your gaming experience, both in comfort and control. The basic graphics may seem boring to some, but we found them perfectly acceptable, after all, it is a mouse mat not a piece of art.
While it may not offer the same level of comfort or precision that the likes of the Razer Destructor can offer, it’s a lot cheaper than its competitor. Available from Yoyotech for £9.95 inc VAT it presents a cheap stepping stone into the world of extreme gaming and gaming mouse pads. For £9.95 it is also affordable for office workers (especially Photoshop users) that need that extra bit of precision a standard pad cannot give.
The Good
+ Price
+ Virtually nails itself to your desk
+ Large surface area
+ Allows good control and precision for the asking price
The Mediocre
* Could be a little more padded
* The graphic could be seen as boring
The Bad
- Nothing to report
 Value Award
Overclock3D would like to thank OCZ for making the Behmoth Mouse Pad available for review
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