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OCZ Adds DDR3-1600/1800 To Reaper HPC Series
Popular enthusiast memory manufacturer OCZ has released another addition to their 'Reaper HPC' lineup of memory modules. The PC3-14400 and PC3-12800 Reaper HPC modules are available in both 2GB and 4GB configurations. OCZ promises that the Reaper DDR3 modules will provide a combination of higher performance and stability supported by superior heat pipe based cooling.
With the high frequencies of DDR3 comes added heat that can damage the module’s sensitive ICs. To ensure superior stability and performance over the entire life of the modules, the Reaper HPC Series makes use of an innovative cooling solution to more effectively dissipate heat produced by high-speed memory. The thermo-conductive copper heat pipe conduit is ideal for overclocking where every degree matters, making certain that your cutting-edge investment will maintain its integrity throughout the toughest gaming missions, overclocking, or intense program applications.
OCZ Reaper HPC
As with all OCZ memory modules you can expect the lifetime warranty and solid customer support to provide you with an additional sweetener to the deal.
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