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OCZ Enters UPS Market with Pro-Source 1500

OCZ's first foray into the UPS market - the Pro-Source 1500OCZ has launched its first ever uninterruptable power supply (UPS) – the Pro-Source 1500 under the banner of its subsidiary PC Power and Cooling. The company claims that its UPS is “the ultimate source of back-up power”.

Targeted at high-end enthusiasts and mission-critical systems, the new UPS is fully compatible with OCZ PSUs. Featuring a pure sine wave output, the Pro-Source 1500 UPS stands apart from square wave or “step” sine wave UPSs, which reportedly damage PSU circuitry.

“The Pro-Source protects your investment by delivering a pure sine wave output for uninterrupted power to even the most demanding pc configurations in the event of an extended power disruption,” said Ryan Edwards, director of product management for OCZ group.

The Pro-Source is currently retailing in the US for under $300; however UK pricing and availability is yet to be announced by the company.

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