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Hydrojet will not make it to market
OCZ Hydrojet is no moreWay back in August of last year, we reported on a prototype cooling product being developed by OCZ. It was called Hydrojet and was basically a sealed liquid cooling unit for cooling CPU's. Now it would appear that the design has been scrapped.  OCZ showed their new cooler off during the Computex 07 event and it promised to be quite revolutionary. The Hydrojet would have been the first carbon based cooler, and used water and air together with carbon nanotubes, it was touted to be capable of dissipating 400w of heat. A french visitor to our website forwarded a link to a french website, jmax-hardware.com, who published an offical statement from OCZ:
"OCZ Hydrojet has discontinued the project because the final product did not meet our requirements when it came to footprint, performance and price for consumers. While we were able to achieve many of the performance milestones we originally defined the cost of the material necessary to produce the Hydrojet was prohibitive, and did not offer what we believed to be a optimal balance of price versus performance to our customers. The Hydrojet was a great concept and we will continue to work on liquid cooling solutions, both external and self contained 100% but will only release products to market when they meet all of the requirements when it comes to performance and value for our customers. "
 This was confirmed on the OCZ offical forums, in a response to someone asking when the Hydrojet would be released. The response given by the OCZ Support Forum Manager was:
The Hydrojet was cancelled, we will not be releasing it.
So the Hydrojet won't be appearing on the market, which is a pity as it had some potential. Especially for those who are interested in liquid cooling but don't want the hassle of setting a loop up. You can view the original OC3D article here, and you can also discuss in our forums here.