OCZ Launches Its $100 Onyx SSDs Page: 1

Storage devices and memory modules manufacturer OCZ today announced the launch of its new Onyx series SSDs, which it claims delivers performance and exceptional value to customers. According to the official release, the new drives are part of OCZ’s efforts to make SSDs affordable to the end-user.

The SSD market has been rocking in the last month or two, with new devices being introduced by almost all vendors. However, prices of SSDs are still way above the affordability line for most users. The new Onyx SSDs from OCZ are supposed to change that.

The 2.5” SATA II drives are based on OCZ’s multi-level cell (MLC) architecture and feature the Indilinx Amigos controller. An on-board 64MB cache allows the Onyx SSDs to deliver read and write speeds of 125MBps and 70MBps respectively. A 3.0Gbps interface and TRIM support in Windows 7 complete the specifications for the drives.

In terms of pricing, the 32GB version of the Onyx, which is the only model introduced, sports an aggressive price tag of $100. This is substantially lower than similarly sized SSDs currently available in the market, though nowhere close to the pricing of traditional HDDs. Already available with retailers, the Onyx drives come with OCZ’s standard 3-year warranty.

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