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OCZ Launches XMP Memory Modules for Notebooks

The new XMP SODIMM memory modules for notebooks from OCZUltra-fast mobile microprocessors have been around for a while, so have been super-fast SSDs; however advanced memory modules for laptops have been missing. OCZ has stepped in to fill this gap with its extra memory profiles based SODIMM memory modules.

Targeted at gaming-oriented notebooks and desktop replacement (DTR) notebooks and desktops, the SODIMMs combine with the Core 2 Extreme range of mobile processors to boost the front-side bus of a compatible system by using Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile settings. This effectively results in an Intel-approved overclock.

OCZ has launched the memory modules in two versions – as 4GB kits and as single 2GB SODIMMs. The modules are clocked at 1066MHz, CL-6-6-6 latencies and 1.6V power supply and will retail as OCZ DDR3 PC3-8500 XMP-Ready. While the company will be providing lifetime warranty, pricing details have not been released.

“XMP is for performance what 3D is for games, and the introduction of the profiles allows on-the-go enthusiasts to make the most of their Intel mobile platforms,” Michael Schuette, vice president of technology development at OCZ Technology said. “As a result of our involvement with Intel from the very beginning of the mobile XMP concept, today we are releasing 2GB high performance SODIMMs designed as a no-compromise solution to complement Intel’s mobile computing platform for the ultimate user experience,” he added.

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