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Advances in gaming input devices have been constantly made.  Designs become more comfortable, mice become more accurate, keyboards get slicker interfaces.  Nintendo created a major innovation with its motion-sensitive remote.  Well OCZ is taking things to the next level: mind control.
With a name seemingly right out of a sci-fi movie, OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) uses muscle movement, brain waves, and eye movement to take over such actions as directional movement, strafing, and switching guns.  Now obviously the feasibility and functionality of such a product might be in question.  Well the people over at DailyTech were given an in-person demonstration of a working model by OCZ VP of Technology Dr. Michael Schuette.
The demonstration began with a showing of the device's calibration GUI, which allows users to calibrate the different types of inputs to suit their needs.  Muscle movements around the eyes and forehead are tracked and can be used for smooth directional movement.  Those who play FPS can also configure it to detect the difference between turning and strafing.  Using alpha and beta brain waves, a player can easily switch weapons quick as a thought.
Now what's a demo without actual gameplay?
Once the calibration was demoed, Dr. Schuette loaded up his "best" configuration. After loading, the program sits on your desktop, ready for use with any game you fire up. It uses Direct X and multithreading to minimize any performance hits. Unreal Tournament III started up and was demoed. Before long, DailyTech was witness to one of the most unique death-match games in history. Using the mouse only for aiming Dr. Schuette deftly moved and changed guns using only his mind and facial muscles. The result was a fluid zen-like play of kill after kill as he cut through the bot opponents like a hot knife through butter.
While it may not win you any fashion contests, the Neural Impulse Actuator could take gaming to a whole new level.
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