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In recent years, portable storage mediums have become an integral part of the IT world. From the workplace to the classroom, the USB flash drive is an essential means of transferring quantities of data that not too long ago would've needed  a stack of floppy discs or CDs. With the enthusiast community being what it is however, it goes without saying that more storage isn't quite enough. We want fast too.
Through this want, products like today's review item have been created. The new Rally2 Turbo from OCZ has been designed to be the fastest and most reliable flash drive on the market. Based on the original Rally2 which we reviewed not too long ago and performed  extremely well, the Rally2 Turbo shouldn't fail to impress.
"The Rally2 Turbo takes data transfer to incredible new heights and leaves the competitors in the dust thanks to the ultra-fast dual channel technology.

Store and transfer large music, pictures, videos, and data files to your laptop or desktop in record time or simply “Plug and Play” them instantaneously from the convenience of any USB port. The Rally2 Turbo Drive excels when managing a wide range of media, and is optimized to more rapidly transfer today’s larger files.

The ultra durable OCZ Rally2 Turbo stores vital documents, presentations, images, music and more in an ultra sleek pocket-size drive, so you can access your files without having to disconnect other USB ports to make room, a common problem with many oversized competitor drives.

Change to the fast lane, and take the incredible OCZ Rally2 Turbo Flash drive for a test drive. Designed to be the fastest most reliable USB flash memory drive on the market, it comes backed with a limited lifetime warranty for the ultimate peace of mind."
# High Speed USB 2.0 Certified
# True Plug and Play (Compatible with MAC OS X)
# Dual Channel Technology
# Available in 4GB and 8GB capacities
# Dimensions: 2 5/8"(L) x 5/8"(W)
# Aluminum Chassis
# Orange LED Status Light
# Lifetime Warranty
# Lanyard
# USB cable
# Up to 35MB/s (read), 30MB/s (write)
With claimed speeds of 35MB/s and 30MB/s, which is particularly impressive for an 4gb drive, the Rally2 Turbo looks set to put its predecessor  to shame in the benchmarks. Before we get to that though, lets take a look at some of the other factors that make up the product.

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OCZ packaging is known for being fairly flashy, sporting bright colours and graphics. OCZ flash drives are usually no exception. For the Rally2 Turbo however, OCZ have done away with the bright colours and have gone with a more sinister looking black blister pack.
Packaging Front Packaging Back
The front and back of the packaging is fairly standard. Giving customers a good look at everything they're getting and outlining some of the drives features. There is no mention of the Rally2 Turbo's extremely impressive transfer speeds or information about the dual channel write / read system employed but this is no surprise with shop tailored packaging.
The contents of the package is kept to the basics. Buyers are presented with a white lanyard, a USB extension cable and the drive itself. The same contents as seen in the previous Rally2.
A large part of a flash drives appeal; next to price, is its looks. With such a wide range of drives available in each size, mostly with at least similar specs, looks can often be the deciding factor in the purchase. Despite the Rally2 Turbo having its apparently massive transfer speeds to fall back on, its still nice to have something easy on the eye.
Flash Drive Flash Drive
As you can see, the Rally2 Turbo has the same shell as the original Rally2, sporting the same graphic and colours. The only visible addition is the scrawled writing reading 'Turbo'.
Flash Drive
Flash Drive Flash Drive
The body of the drive itself is constructed in black aluminium, making it fairly robust. Each end of the drive is tipped with a transparent plastic, one end housing an orange LED which indicates drive activity. One thing raised in the review of the previous Rally2 was the independent cap, which could lead to it easily being lost.
The lanyard supplied is white nylon and allows the users to wear the drive around their neck. While not the most likely fashion accessory, having the drive to hand can always be useful in a busy environment.

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Test Setup
In order to test the performance of the Rally2 Turbo, the following setup was used:
Motherboard: Asus Blitz Extreme
: Intel "Core 2 Duo" E6750
Memory: OCZ PC3-12800 DDR3 2gb
Hardrive: 2x Hitachi 320gb SATA2 (RAID0)
OS: Windows XP SP2
For the benchmarking of the drive, HD Tach and SiSoft Sandra were used. In addition to these, various size files were transferred to and from the drive with Windows, the times taken was then recorded with a stopwatch.
As comparison, the graphs contain the results obtained with the same tests on the original Rally2 and a generic 1GB flash drive.
HDTach Burst Speed Results
HDTach Read Speed Results
HDTach Random Access Time Results
As you can see, the HDTach testing yielded some very impressive figures for the Rally2 Turbo, coming in extremely close to the claimed transfer speeds.
Sandra Removable Storage Index
Sandra Removable Storage Endurance
The results obtained in SiSoft Sandra are again extremely impressive, showing a massive improvement over the original Rally2 and being worlds ahead of the generic drive.
While benchmark applications are good for turning out technical figures and testing performance, the results don't necessarily translate to a good idea of real world performance. The following figures demonstrate exactly how long you can expect to be sat staring at the blinking LED when transferring files. The top bar illustrates stick to hard drive transfer, the lower illustrates hard drive to stick transfer.
Windows File Transfer Times
Again the results are fantastic for the Rally2 Turbo. On the 4 x 64mb transfer tests however, the Rally2 Turbo lost out to its predecessor with the stick to HDD transfer taking almost a second longer. But overall it's clear to see that the improvements made to an already fantastic drive have had a huge effect.

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The original Rally2 was certainly a credit to the OCZ flash drive line and Rally2 Turbo takes the already great drive one step further. The stick has a real feel of quality to it, with the aluminium casing providing added piece of mind. With what appears to be anodising colouring the aluminium, there is little chance of scratching any of the black off.
Owners of the original Rally2 have reported that it is an extremely durable drive day to day, surviving frequent falls to the floor and trips through the washing machine. It stands to reason that the Rally2 Turbo will be equally durable.
Currently costing £42.01 at Komplett, the Rally2 Turbo 4GB isn't cheap - and the 8GB version is even further from cheap at around £85. Although it still comes in cheaper than several other 4GB flash drives on the market and they're certainly not as fast. As with the Rally2, the Rally2 Turbo is definitely for those with performance on the top of their list.
Recommended Retailer
The Good
- Extremely fast transfer speeds
- Strong and durable casing
- Good looking
- Lifetime warranty
The Mediocre
- Cap not attached to body of the drive
The Bad
- Nothing to report
A big thanks to OCZ for supplying the product for review
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