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OCZ has recently started delving into a few new areas of the technology market as we've seen here on OC3D with their new lines of flash drives. Today I will be looking at another mobile storage solution from them, the OCZ SD Dual 80X 2GB.

SD card are use in a multitude of applications such as MP3 players, mobile phones and digital cameras. Recently they have become exceedingly cheap as flash memory technology has become an everyday tool.


The following information has been taken directly from OCZ's website:

• Available in 80X and 133X Speeds
Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm (L x W x H)
Official Secure Digital (SD)Compliant
High-Speed USB 2.0
Write-Protection Switch
Lifetime Warranty

OCZ's unique SD Dual cards introduce the ultimate convenience of an SD card and USB adaptor in one unit. Unlike conventional SD memory, OCZ SD Dual converts into a high-speed USB 2.0 connector eliminating the need for an independent card reader to transfer or view pictures or data on any PC.

OCZ SD Dual appears to be an average flash card at first glance but with a quick removal of the protective cover, the card is ready to plug directly into any USB port.

This card is ideal for high performance digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, GPS units, and more! Store and transfer everything from photos, music, and videos in virtually all your favourite digital devices.

All OCZ SD Dual Cards come backed with a Lifetime Warranty for unparalleled peace of mind.

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As we’ve seen from the previous reviews of OCZs storage devices, their packages are designed with the consumer in mind and are more orientated towards the retail sector than E-tailers.

OCZ SD Dual Packaging OCZ SD Dual Packaging

The OCZ SD Dual comes presented in a plastic blister pack backed with a card outlining the details and specifications of the product contained within. The SD card has been placed inside a protective plastic capsule designed to keep the card from rattling around and sustaining damage.

At the back of the packet is a short description of the product, followed by a chart detailing how many pictures at certain quality levels can be stored on OCZ's range of cards. Also included is some further information on the devices electronic certifications, serial number and company contact details.


When it comes to the looks of an SD card there isn’t really much to talk about as there is very little a manufacturer can do to 'snazz' them up. The OCZ SD Dual is mat black, measures roughly 25mm x 32mm x 2mm and sports an orange, blue and grey OCZ sticker. Underneath this is a shiny metal plate.

OCZ SD Dual Front OCZ SD Dual Inserted

However, this card snaps open just over ½ way down to reveal its hidden secret, and in my mind what separates it from other cards on the market. This is where the OCZ SD Dual comes into its own.

OCZ SD Dual Front

On the top left of the card you can see a little white slider. This is a simple write protection switch, which means the data on the card can only be viewed by the user, not overwritten on deleted.

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Test Setup & Results

The following benchmarks have been conducted using the test system specified below:

CPU: Intel Celeron 2.6ghz @ 3.0ghz
Memory: 2GB G.Skill HZ
Motherboard: ASRock P4VM800
Hard Disk: 40gb Maxtor ATA-133

HDTach Results

Sisoft Sandra Results Sandra Results

From these result we see that the card is fairly capable. In comparison too hard drives it is quite slow on the Drive Indexing, by a fair margin, running at only 13Mb/s. But it easily beats them all in random access time with a very respectable 4ms. In the removable storage tests the card came out somewhat average on the number of operations it could perform in a minute scoring 1320, but it came up surprisingly low in the endurance factor tests, scoring only 1.0. This being the slower of the two types of this card, these performance figures are perfectly acceptable.

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The OCZ 80X SD card, as with most of OCZ’s products, is extremely well designed and has a few tricks up its sleeve to help it compete against the plethora of other cards on the market. By removing the need for a seperate card reader thanks to its inbuilt USB plug, the OCZ SD Dual saves time, money and is a convenient way to transport your photo's and other data.

Its performance in the tests was well within acceptable limits for the type of media. So overall this card had a lot of potential. Retailing for £29.37over at eBuyer.com, this is a competitive price when compared to other high speed, less inventive SD cards. Overall the OCZ SD Dual is a clear winner if your looking for extra storage capacity for your SD compatible device.

• Plugs straight into USB Port.
• Write protection switch.
• Reasonable performance.
• Lifetime warranty.

• Possibility of breaking while in USB port.

Innovation Award

Thanks to OCZ for providing this product for review.

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