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OCZ Technology Group Releases the World’s First Production 1800MHz DDR3

Not one to rest on their laurels, days after unveiling 1600MHz DDR3 OCZ release the mighty 1800MHz DDR3 RAM rated at CL8 timings.

At this rate by next month I will be bringing news of DDR3 3000MHz!


Sunnyvale, Calif—July 19, 2007—OCZ Technology Group, the worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today unveiled the next step to achieving maximum performance on the latest PC platforms with the launch of the World’s first production PC3-14400 DDR3 modules. These OCZ kits are meant to set industry performance standards as well as accelerate the development of next-generation enthusiast platforms. Tested and qualified to reach DDR3-1800 with ample overclocking capability and aggressive latencies, the OCZ PC3-14400 Platinum Edition is a true milestone. At 1800MHz, the OCZ PC3-14400 modules are rated to run CL8-8-8 to take the latest Intel platforms to previously unimaginable levels. “OCZ is excited to release the world’s first 1800MHz DDR3 solution, which offers consumers not only the fastest production specification, but has additional headroom for enthusiasts to go on and break records,” commented Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. “Following on the heels of the 1600MHz release of OCZ DDR3 comes the 1800MHz DDR3 series with a peak bandwidth of 14400MB per second and latencies comparable to the fastest offerings of DDR or DDR2. No other architecture can offer the same balance of bandwidth and latencies, and no other architecture has annihilated all existing high scores within a mere few weeks after its introduction and the OCZ3P18001G series plays an integral part in this triumphant achievement.”

You can find out more at OCZ

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