OCZ to Launch 1TB PCIe Z-Drive SSD Page: 1
OCZ to Launch 1TB PCIe Z-Drive SSD
An unconfirmed image of OCZ's upcoming 1TB Z-DriveOCZ is reportedly all set to launch yet another SSD drive, this time a PCI-Express 1TB one. Rumour has it that the new Z-Drive, which OCZ first showcased at CeBit 2009 will be MLC-based, offering superfast read and write speeds.
The last few days have seen hectic activity from OCZ and other SSD manufacturers, with rarely a day going past without one or the other unveiling a new drive. OCZ has been leading the pack with a range of releases. Just two days back, the company introduced its mini-PCIe SSD and now it is coming up with yet another model.
The new SSD will reportedly feature maximum read and write speeds of 500MB/s and 470MB/s respectively, making it one of the fastest drives on the market. Its 1TB capacity and PCIe connectivity make it an ideal external storage option for high-end desktops. PCIe connectivity also means users will not have to worry about bandwidth issues from SATA controllers.
It now remains to be seen how quickly OCZ lays the rumour to rest and actually unveils its Z-Drive with full specifications, pricing and availability.
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