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OCZ Dominatrix Laser Gaming Mouse? OCZ Dominatrix
We found this little gem on a French website. It appears that OCZ may be releasing a laser gaming mouse called the Dominatrix. From what we've been able to decipher it's capable of offering up to 3200 DPI
The Dominatrix appears to offer individual weights to allow control and comfort according to your own personal preference. As well as an adjustable weight system, the Dominatrix has two programmable buttons that will more than likely allow the user to change between different modes and customise macro scripts for gaming settings. Furthermore; the OCZ Dominatrix reportedly features built-in memory which allows the user to save their mouse preferences, even when switching computers.
We managed to get in touch with someone at the website and the OCZ Dominatrix should be in stock around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Hopefully we can expect the OCZ Dominatrix in the UK very shortly?
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