OCZ Unveils High-Speed mini-PCI-Express SSDs Page: 1
OCZ Unveils High-Speed Mini-PCI-Express SSDs
The new mini-PCIe SSD from OCZOCZ has been on a roll of late with new releases almost every day for the past couple of weeks; it has followed things up today with the release of its new mini-PCI-Express SSD drives. The new drives, shown in the image courtesy of Hexus, have been created to boost storage capacity for netbooks.
Available in both SATA and PATA versions, the drives slot into the mini-PCIe available in most notebooks and increase storage capacity by 16GB to 32GB. While the SATA version works at 110MB/s read and 51MB/s write speeds, the PATA one provides 45MB/s read and 35MB/s write speeds respectively.
The company has priced the 32GB model at £60, putting it at par with the most competitively priced SSDs currently available.
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