OCZ Unveils its Vertex Limited Edition SSDs Page: 1

High performance memory and flash storage manufacturer OCZ Technology today introduced a Limited Edition (LE) version of its highly acclaimed Vertex series solid state drives. The highly anticipated release promises to bring a whole new class of high-performance SSDs and take the experience of high-end computing to the next level.

The Vertex Limited Edition SSDs are based on a cutting-edge new architecture that allows it to work at unheard of transfer rates – 270MB/s read and 250MB/s write speeds. The ultra-responsive drives also have the ability to reach 15,000 IOPS (4K random write). With its state-of-the-art controller technology, the Vertex LE SSDs represent the fastest drives currently available in the market.

Talking about the new launch, OCZ CEO Ryan Petersen said, “OCZ has an excellent reputation as a leader in solid state drives, and as new technologies become available, we are continually expanding our solution portfolio to bring enhanced performance benefits to the complete spectrum of our client’s applications. The new Vertex Limited Edition SSD is our fastest, multi-level cell (MLC), performance-based drive yet and delivers both exceptional speed and reliability for customers demanding a superior storage solution including intensive applications such as audio/video editing, mobile computing, and even use in workstations.”

The Vertex LE SSDs feature SATA 3Gb/s for easy integration with all current mobile and desktop platforms. The built-in TRIM support gives the drive optimized performance over its lifespan. The limited edition drives have been launched in 100GB and 200GB capacities and come with OCZ’s standard 3-year warranty. The SSDs will soon become available through OCZ retailers and will stay on the market for a very brief period.

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