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The world of cooling is full of coolers that will do the job for you. From huge multi-heatpiped monsters to small basic heatsinks that will cool your processor at a low price, you're spoiled for choice.
OCZ have produced a couple of CPU coolers now and their latest effort is the Vendetta. With multi-socket support and a much smaller footprint than most of the so-called "performance heatsinks" out there, the Vendetta also has a rather odd and interesting feature too...but that's for later.
The packaging on the OCZ Vendetta is simple and neat. OCZ have deliberately kept it fairly minimal, but with the added inclusion of a window in the packaging. This is a welcome addition as it lets you see what you're buying, before you buy it.
box front  box front
The Vendetta is wrapped up well by OCZ so there's no worries about what condition you'll receive it in.
OCZ vendetta box  ocz vendetta box inside
 That's the packaging, now let's see what you get with it.
The package with the OCZ Vendetta has everything you could wish for with a cooler. We have:
* Socket 775 mounting kit
* Socket AM2/939 mounting kit
* Thermal ceramique
* 3PIN to 4PIN (fan to molex) Power connector
* Mounting screws
* 92mm OCZ Fan
ocz cooler
Pretty standard for a decent cooler, so OCZ has done well there.
 Here is the specification:
For Sockets AMD 754/755/939/AM2, Intel LGA775*
3 Pure Copper heat pipes for superior heat dissipation
Pure Aluminum fins for ultimate durability
1 year warranty

Fan Specs
Size: 92mm
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Fan Speed: 1200-2800RPM
Fan Air Flow: 39-54.6 CFM
Noise Level: 22-34 dBA
Bearing type: ball
Connector: 4 pin with PWM

Heatsink: (L)97 x (W)79 x (H)134mm

92mm Fan with rubber connectors
Mounting Hardware for all above CPUs
Thermal Compound

Part Number
spec  spec 2
The specification doesn't look too shabby, although the more eagle eyed of you may have noticed OCZ haven't given a DB rating for the 92mm fan!

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The Cooler - close up
The OCZ Vendetta comes in a familiar format with three heatpipes going up through fins, enabling a fan to dissipate heat through them. OCZ have chosen to make the cooler slightly smaller than normal and put in a rather unusual feature that we will look at below.
OCZ vendetta front  ocz vendetta side
As you can see, the heatpipes bend round an aluminium bottom.
ocz vendetta top  ocz vendetta front
OCZ have gone for a rather nice looking branded top to the cooler and a rather funky shape for the side facing away from the fan. OCZ have informed us that the angle of the fins on the cooler combined with the dimples in every fin increase surface area and turbulance to make the cooler disappate heat quicker than the conventional shaped fins.
The heatpipes pass straight through the fins as is normal on this type of cooler.
cooler base  ocz vendetta base 2
Here is the most striking feature of the cooler that makes it a little different from most other coolers on the market: the base isn't a solid copper flat base but is instead made up of the actual heatpipes themselves flattened to make it. Interspersed with the three heatpipes is the aforementioned aluminium which forms the rest of the base. When I first saw this my mind was undecided if it would do well or not, so we will see.
ocz fan  ocz fan close
Finally we see the 92mm fan that provides 39-54.6 CFM at 1200-2800RPM and with 22-34 dBA of noise.
Now let's see what we're testing with and what installation is like.

OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler Page: 3
Test Setup
To test this high-end compact CPU cooler, we have decided to step up to quad core with a Q6600. The whole setup is as follows:
Intel Q6600 @ stock (2.44GHz) and overclocked (3.6GHz @ 1.425v)
Asus P5E3 DDR3 Motherboard
Kingston HyperX PC3-11000 CL7 DDR3 2gb Kit
OCZ GameXtream 850w
Hitachi 7K160 HDD
Samsung DVD-RW
Silverstone TJ09S Case
To make sure we had a good comparison I added the stock Intel cooler that comes with the Q6600, as well as the excellent Noctua NH-U12P.
Microsoft Vista and CoreTemp were used to take the temperature of the cores for all coolers, ensuring a fair set of results. Ambient temperature was 22.4°C
Idle measurements were taken after the computer had been on for a period of 30 minutes and thereafter every minute for a period of 30 minutes.
Load temperature were taken after a period of 30 minutes using [email protected], the SMP client that stresses all four core of the Q6600 to 100% load. Again, measurements were taken over a 30 minute period every minute.
Installation of the cooler wasn't tricky at all, with the normal 4 PIN intel socket 775 pins. Note that these have to be screwed in place before installation, but it's hardly a chore.
ocz cooler fan installed
The fan connects to the cooler by these ingenius little rubber gromits. This should keep the vibrations down and is a lot easier than the usual metal clips you get on fans.
ocz vendetta installed
The Vendetta is pretty diminutive in size and should be a nice easy fit on almost all motherboards as it's high enough to clear all but the most badly positioned fets and caps on a motherboard.
ocz cooler installed
Here again you see the small size of the cooler, along with the fact it looks pretty smart!
cooler installed close up
There won't be any problems with memory module clearance height and indeed the fan fits over all of the huge coolers on the P5E3 Deluxe.
The only bad thing I can say about installation of the Vendetta is that it doesn't blow much air on and around the motherboard heatsinks and mosfets, which a lot of the bigger coolers have the ability to do.
Onto testing...

OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler Page: 4
Test Results
The OCZ cooler was put up against the excellent Noctua NH-U12P that won the "Best in Class" Award from me last time out. Perhaps a little bit of a harsh test as the OCZ Vendetta is over half the price, but a good test none-the-less. The Intel heatsink was also used as a comparison.
Stock Speeds/Volts
stock tests
At stock the OCZ is only a degree or so off of the high-end Noctua cooler and also (obviously) beats the stock cooler by a small margin. This isn't really much of a test of these coolers that are meant to cope with quite a bit of heat.
Overclocked - 3.6GHz/1.425v
Here I ramped up the speed of the Q6600, getting up to 1.425v set in the BIOS. This should show what the Vendetta can do.
overclocked tests
As you can see, the next to useless Intel stock cooler drops off at this point and temperatures go sky-high. The OCZ Vendetaa, meanwhile, copes with the load admirably considering it's size and again is only a few degrees higher than the Noctua. That's a great performance from the little OCZ cooler.
As I do not curently have equipment sensitive enough to cope with every cooler and fan I get in the labs, you will have to rely on my ears alone.
Note that all fans were plugged into the Asus P5E3 Deluxe and allowed to be controlled by the Asus BIOS QFan tool.
The OCZ coolers little 90mm fan is a very loud in all honesty. Unfortunately especially when ramping up to full load it omits a high-pitched noise that can grate on ones nerves. Setting the fan lower after testing produced sound that was a little easier on the ears, but to the detriment of the excellent performance. This is a shame as it's really the only place the little cooler falls down.

OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler Page: 5
The OCZ Vendetta is a small and unique cooler that really gets some great performance. It's well built and easy to install which is a great thing to have in a cooler.
Performance is almost on par with the best air cooler we've had at Overclock3D, the Noctua NH-U12P, which is a credit to OCZ for sure. The strange base seems to do the trick and the cooler looks great, as most heatpipe coolers do.
Retailing at £22.99 at one of our recommended retailers, Komplett, the OCZ Vendetta is a little gem of a cooler for the price.
komplett retailer
The only criticism of the Vendetta I have is that the fan is too loud to be called a "quiet" cooler. If you don't mind a fair amount of fan noise then you may seriously want to consider one.
The Good
+ Excellent cooling
+ Good looking
+ Very small
+ Cheap

The Mediocre
* Not quite small enough for a HTPC

The Bad
- Very loud unless the fan is severely ramped down
OCZ Vendetta value 
Thanks to OCZ for the review sample. Discuss in our Forums