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Mainstream 40nm GPUs
Nvidia GeForce G210 (Left) and GT220 (Right). 40nm GT200 GPU.Released to OEM's back in July, Nvidia have finally taken the plunge and offered the GT200 chip to the mainstream market in the form of the GeForce G210 and GT220 graphics cards. They are both essentially trimmed down and die shrunk GT200 core, with lower clocks, less cores and slower memory. The two cards are very similar in both size and appearence, the entry level G210 is on the left and the GT220 on the right.
The G210 features a 589MHz GPU clock, 16 processor cores running at 1,402MHz and 512MB of DDR2 memory at 500MHz, running on a 64-bit interface. The GT220 is slightly faster with it's GPU clocked at 615MHz, 48 processor cores at 1,335MHz and 1GB of DDR3 memory clocked at 790MHz, running on a 128-bit interface. The two cards are the first desktop solutions from Nvidia to support DirectX 10.1 and Shader Model 4.1. The G210 offers performance somewhere inbetween the 8400GS and 9500GT, with the GT220 somewhat faster, offering performance inbetween the 9500GT and 9600GT. Being a higher end card it also has an on-board audio controller allowing users to output 7.1 digital surround sound via HDMI.
ECS Passively cooled GT220 GPUThe launch of these two GeForce cards has been relatively low key and we can see why, they don't really have alot to shout about. Nvidia are still a way behind ATI, who are already offering an array of DirectX 11 solutions and have supported DirectX 10.1 since their Radeon 4000 series in 2008. However, these cards should replace the likes of the older GeForce 9500GT, with Nvidia touting these cards as the ideal HTPC solution. ECS, amongst others have represented this with their passive cards, with others like Gigabyte offering pre overclocked and custom cooled models, which we gave you a glimpse of a few weeks back.
The UK availability isn't great yet, with only a few cards in stock, the rest still on pre order. However, we are seeing prices of around £40 for the G210 and £60 for the GT220. These are lower than the previous generation of cards they are intended to replace, but still higher than expected. However, the prices could drop as availability improves.
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