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OLED takes on LCD

According to our source article, a new generation of super-thin, power-sipping displays is making its way to the market in a bid to usurp LCD's stranglehold on the current market.

New screens that glow on their own are taking on their clunkier liquid crystal display rivals which require powerful backlighting by producing sharper video images for smart phones, game consoles and portable media players. But industry watchers say it will be years before a clear winner,if any, emerges with the clout to outdo LCDs.

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and bi-stable technologies are the most likely challengers to LCDs. An OLED screen uses as much as 40 percent less power than a comparable LCD and could be twice as thin because it does not need backlighting. These technologies are already being used in some smaller portable devices, such as music players from Samsung Electronics and Reigncom and a thin mobile phone from Kyocera.

Sony plans to sell small TVs using the OLED technology later this year.

Analysts reckon Apple's iPhone, which launched in the United States on Friday, may end up using more energy-efficient screens, such as OLED, given the short battery life of its pilot models with LCD screens.

Do you think that OLED has what it takes to take on the mighty LCD?

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