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Warning Call for Wi-Fi Users

Unsecured Wi-Fi linked to Terrorists An american ex-pat, living in India has been snared up in an anti terrorism investigation. His house, in Mumbai, was raided by police after an email that claimed responsibilty for a bomb blast was sent by someone using his unsecured wireless network. Kenneth Haywood spent much of Thursday answering to questioning from the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad. They have also seized his three computers and placed a restriction on him leaving the country. He wasn't detained but is to face further questioning.

A support technician who visited Haywoods apartment to resolve some password issues has also been questioned.The email address that sent the email was created 10 minutes before the bombs exploded. There are reported to be at least 42 fatalities from the explosions. A group called 'The Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility within the email, which also contained Haywood's IP address within the header. Police have said they believe that someone in the building used Haywood's unsecured network to send the email.

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