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Blinging the Home Phone?

OpenPeak have created a landline or VOIP based telephone system, which integrates telephone calls, messaging, photos, video and internet services into one unit. The new system is called OpenFrame and the technology is based around the Atom processor, and OpenPeak hope that it will have the same effect smartphones had on the mobile phone market. The new system is going to be available to phone service providers from Q1, 2009, and should be available to the public soon after.


OpenPeak Home/VOIP Phone

OpenPeak CTO Paul Krzyzanowski said the following regarding the Atom CPU: 

The Intel Atom processor gives us a rapid development environment, critical performance headroom for adding or customizing services, an architecture we can easily transfer to other product models and markets such as enterprise, and – most important from the consumer’s point of view – the best performance we have seen for a processor in its class, it is a core building block of our product family for the foreseeable future.


They certainly are eye catching and we look forward to seeing them hit the market. You can view the full press release here. You can also discuss in our forums here.