Opera browser upgrade for the Wii? Page: 1
Opera Browser Version 2.0 for Wii? Opera logo
According to rumours circulating the web, Nintendo Wii owners can get excited about better web browsing for their consoles fairly soon. After such a long wait it appears that Opera v.2.0 is about to be released, and there are a few things to get excited about.
Version 2.0, as it has been revealed to GameReactor, will feature a new button layout for the virtual navigation bar, and it will also be Wii Speak compatible. Users will have the option of utilizing a built-in mail client for the access of their Wii mail. The new browser will support tabbed browsing through a floating “tab cube” that will allow users to view thumbnails of up to six open tabs.
The browser should be available for only 500 Wii Points, but individuals, who already own the console, should be eligible for a free upgrade when the application is released in December.

Will you be upgrading to Opera version 2.0 for the Nintendo Wii when it's available?
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