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It's easily the most popular 3rd party browser available for mobile devices and the latest version of Opera Mobile is almost here. In a post entitled "The wait is (almost) over" late last week Norwegian coders Opera revealed version 9.5 of its hotly anticipated mobile browser is scheduled to launch on 15 July. Explaining the wait to eager fans the company explained in its blog:
"Opera Mobile 9.5 will be based on the same browser engine as Opera 9.5 for desktop, and this is the reason why it has taken some time to get it ready. A new version of the browser engine will ensure that you can surf the Web with a browser supporting the latest and greatest in Web standards."
"As you probably know, releasing a version that works on a large variety of phones is more complex than making it work on one specific phone. You should also expect a few differences between the versions that are pre-installed on phones and the public version of Opera Mobile 9.5."
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14 days and counting.....
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