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Art Lebedev

Optimus LED keyboard enters pre-order phase

In what can only be described as nothing short of an eternity, it appears that design studio Art Lebedev have finally got their stuff together and pushed the Optimus LED keyboard into production. The Optimus is available for pre-order through the websites online shop for a humbling price tag of $1564.37.

According to a note posted on Art Lebedev’s website, the first 200 buyers will be receiving their keyboard in early January. The next 200 keyboards will ship after December 20, with another 400 becoming available in early January.

...And yes that is December - January 2007/8. So not only do you have to pay what equates to roughly a week and a half of your salary, but you have to wait another 6 months for your keyboard to boot. However the Optimus does have some rather neat features:

For 43,990 rub., which translates to $1564.37, buyers will get the first keyboard, which features a standalone LED in each of its 113 keys. Each LED has a size of 10.1 x 10.1 mm and offers a resolution of 48 x 48 pixels. According to the manufacturer, the keys can not only display images, but videos with frame rates of up to 10 fps as well. Up to 65,536 colors are supported, which can be seen on viewing angles of up to 160 degrees. Image and video layouts are stored on SD cards which can be inserted on the back of the keyboard...

...An interesting feature of the keys is an ambient light sensor, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the images displayed through the LEDs. The lifetime of the LEDs is about 20,000 hours, according to Art Lebedev.

Optimus LED

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