Oracle's Shopping List: AMD, Nvidia, IBM? Page: 1

At Oracle's annual meeting earlier this week, CEO Larry Ellison had some potentially big, if a bit vague, news.  The company is looking to continue their buying spree, this time in the hardware chipmaking side of things.  This is done in hopes of following Apple's footsteps in owning more intellectual property that provides the backbone of everything.

"You’re going to see us buying chip companies," Ellison said.

According to San Francisco analyst Doug Freedman, the likes of AMD, Nvidia, and IBM's chip division are prime targets for the enterprise giant.  With nearly $24 billion in reported cash and investments, Oracle has more than enough capital to buy any of the three.  Freedman mentions that AMD could be of particular interest.

"You’ve got to think it’s focused on enterprise hardware, on the server," he said. "AMD jumps off the screen."

Should Oracle snap up AMD or Nvidia, the big question for enthusiasts such as ourselves is, what will happen on the consumer side of things?  If they turn all of those resources to the enterprise/server sector, the consumer market would surely be thrown into disarray.  On the flipside, Oracle has the means to provide the funding for some serious R&D.  That would really help out Nvidia to achieve their goals for the next generation Kepler and Maxwell GPUs.

Oracle will also continue to expand their software holdings in addition to doubling their hardware business.  The ultimate goal is to create systems where all aspects of hardware and software are designed specifically to work together.

"We want to play in every important industry," he said.

"I would be stunned if 10 years from now, most data centers didn’t rely on these engineered systems," Ellison said. "We’re betting that this is the future of computing."

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