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Author: PV5150
Source: Origen AE

Official Press ReleaseOrigen AE are a manufacturer of HTPC's that are finely engineered to the highest of standards and quality, and are the finest you can find in the Computer Component field.
Their products are focused around high end gaming and Home Theater PC systems, and they develop new products that provide added experience, usability and flexibility. OC3D has been fortunate enough to be notified of Origen AE's latest HTPC chassis prior to release - the OrigenAE S21T Aluminum Case. Details from Origen AE are extremely sketchy at the moment, but we do have some pics and specs for you to ogle over.


Origen AE Origen AE
Origen AE

Now here is the clincher! The boys from SpecialTech have managed to get their hands on some of these gorgeous chassis'. If you would like to own one of these, then you can follow the link above to place your order. The OrigenAE S21T Aluminum Case w 12" touch screen tft is estimated to retail for around £679.22 , inc VAT 17.5%

SpecialTech can be contacted via their website, or alternatively, you can make contact with them on the forum

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