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Overclock3D's Latest and Greatest Modding Projects

Modding is a slang expression that is derived from the verb, "modify", and the noun, "modification". The term can refer to the act of modifying a piece of hardware or software to perform a function not intended by someone with legal rights concerning that modification.

We here at Overclock3D Forum decided it was high-time that our own dedicated 'modders' received the recognition that they justly deserve. Since the birth of Overclock3D we have had a handful of people who have done exceptional things and spent countless hours of time modding their hardware to the point of refining the art of modding. The art of modding can be undertaken for a number of reasons, whether it be: artistic modification of hardware for purely aesthetic reasons; increased performance, and/or purely to increase hardware's fitness for a purpose.

This article page will be regularly updated to reflect the status quo and current projects as they reach completion. Should you feel that we have missed a project that should have been included here, by all means feel free to contact any of the mods or admin and we will assess the project for inclusion.

So without further ado we present to you the Overclock3D Forum Latest and Greatest Modding Projects article, which contains fine examples of the talent present amongst us. Please bear in mind that these have been listed in no particular order.

Sneaky's: Illuminati Unleashed

Project: Illuminati

Feel free to browse additional images and the build log here

markkleb's: Crossflow


Feel free to browse the build log here

View an assortment illustrating markklebs talent here

XMS's: F40


View XMS's project log here and the rig gallery images here

Kempez's <<|Black3D|>>


View Kempez's build log here and the rig gallery images here

quietfreek's: The Fridge

the fridge

Rig in progress but you can view the build log here

Mullet's: Stealth Li

Stealth Li

View Mullet's build log here

We hope that you have enjoyed looking at the projects listed here, and that they may perhaps inspire you to create something special. If you are interested in viewing the many other wonderful machines from Overclock3D's archives then feel free to view the projects thread here , or our rig gallery here.

Feel free to discuss these works of art in our forum