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Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 29/06/08
Every week Overclock3D's news mailbox is spammed full of content from partner sites around the globe. Even with a dedicated team of 50 news posters we just cant keep up! So here's a round-up of the best bits we've received over the past week:
Vista vs Vista SP1 Comparison
So I was curious as to what enhancements or improvements to Vista came with the Service Pack 1, and to satiate my curiosity I ran a bunch of benchmarks just like I would with any 'official' review that I do to see what if any differences there are between Vista and Vista with SP1 installed. I figure why let all of that work go to waste, why not make a nice little article about it for my site to share with everyone. DragonSteelMods
Diamond HD 4870 512MB Reviewed
The 4870 is an excellent card, but for now, all the models are functionally identical, and there are yet to be factory-overclocked cards, let alone custom-cooled models. Variation ranges from changing the sticker to adding spiffy adapters. If you buy Diamond, you're not buying a different card, you're buying better service, only they're not charging extra.TheTechLounge
Crysis Custom Config Boosts Performance and Image Quality 
Crysis is a system hog no doubt about that, so when we come across a fan community made custom config tool which allows you increase the in-game image quality and improve performance, it is definitely worth sharing - Madshrimps
SilverStone Kublai KL-02 Computer Case
I am not going to lie to you, but I am not the first one to say it -- time sure flies by at an alarming rate. The last time we reviewed a case was back in September 2007 of the popular Antec P182 -- and that's nearly ten months ago already. Prior to that, it was the NZXT Duet in May 2007, and Thermaltake's Aguila in December 2006. Oh boy, it's the second half of 2008 already, and it seems like I haven't really done much this year! Speaking of the Thermaltake Aguila, I've been using it with my ever-changing main computer that's gone though dozens upon dozens of upgrades and revisions since it was first built in November 2006 -- with pretty much no components resembling of the original build. That said, the case was still the same, and I felt that it was time for a change. I wanted something that was a midtower that can fit neatly on my desk, but spacious inside. I wanted a clean, sleek case that suited my tastes with a large window on the side so I can show off my components and well practiced cabling skills. I wanted a high quality case with excellent build quality from a reputable manufacturer. Well, long story short, either I was not looking hard enough, or that it was simply hard to find. Right off the top of my head, there are not many brands that has cases that fit within this category; of which SilverStone and Lian-Li are amongst the few. But it was not until SilverStone themselves brought my attention to their KL-02 case -- and at first glance, it seems that it's the case that fulfills all my requirements. Let's do a closer examination to see how it goes in real life. - APH Networks
Sapphire HD 4850
It's rare occasion to have on test, on the same month, new generation products from two big rivals (nVIDIA and ATI). This is really good news because ATI had some serious delays with R600 and that is one of reasons why it was so indifferently received on market. ATI realized that now must roll up its sleeves to catch up nVIDIA, because at that point seemed that nVIDIA unreachably moved away. - InsideHW
Point of View GeForce GTX 260 Assassins Creed Edition
At this time NVIDIA's new GTX 260 graphics cards are positioned to be quite a bit more expensive than ATI's similar performing HD 4870. However, NVIDIA includes support for CUDA and PhysX. We also saw amazing overclocking potential on our GTX 260 card, even surpassing the $200 more expensive GTX 280. - techPowerUp
Antec Twelve Hundred
Antec have surprised us in the past with their very stylish cases. Today, we’ll be reviewing something slightly different from the normal high class cases Antec have sent us. Today we’ll be reviewing is the Antec Twelve Hundred, otherwise known as the 1200 – the big brother of the highly successful Nine Hundred. This case – like its brother – is designed towards gamers with the masses of space it offers and its cooling potential. However, is it good enough to live up with its brother? Read on to find out.Tech-Reviews.co.uk
PowerColor AMD TV Wonder 600 PCIe x1
The new TV Wonder 600 PCIe TV tuner card is the PCI-Express x1 entry level model of the new series. This is also the first time that the TV Wonder series is available in Europe with the PAL standard. It can be used for analog or DVB-T signals and manages MPEG encoding by software. The card is built on a fancy purple PCB, comes with an extremely stylish IR receiver along with a remote and PowerCinema 5. - techPowerUp
AXP 2.5/3.5" SATA to eSATA & USB Dock
AXP is now offering the very popular external hard drive docking station for SATA drives. The unit can take a 2.5 or 3.5 inch drives and offers eSATA on top of the usual USB 2.0 connectivity.techPowerUp
Diamond HD 4870 512 MB GDDR5
AMD's new Radeon HD 4870 is the first graphics card to feature GDDR5 memory. GDDR5 offers twice the memory bandwidth over previous GDDR generations which helps the HD 4870 gain a nice performance advantage over the HD 4850.techPowerUp
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