Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 11/05/08 Page: 1
Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 11/05/08
Every week Overclock3D's news mailbox is spammed full of content from partner sites around the globe. Even with a dedicated team of 50 news posters we just cant keep up! So here's a round-up of the best bits we've received over the past week:
 Aquagate Mini R80 Watercooling CPU Heatsink Review
The Coolermaster Aquagate Mini R80 is a self contained watercooling system designed for a broad range of Intel and AMD processors. Unlike a lot of CPU watercooling systems which can be complicated to install, fill, bleed and monitor, the Aquagate comes pre-plumbed and pre-filled with an ethylene glycol based coolant. The system is guaranteed for two years operation without need for refill, so to get started all you need to do is mount the CPU block and attach the heat exchanger to the side of the computer case. -
Iron Man: The Game Review
There’s nothing wrong with bad graphics in a game. There have been plenty of games in the past that have proved you don’t need billions of polygons to make a best-seller – look at Pac-man or Tetris for crying out loud. Likewise, glitches and bugs didn’t completely spoil games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and might not have proved to be the end of Iron Man. Hell, you don’t even need to have a great new mechanic or fantastic new idea to make a great game. Beat ‘em ups have been spinning the same tricks ever since International Karate +. There is something wrong with a game that combines all of these with a total lack of shame. This isn’t a game that is even remotely good, this is a game that someone hoped would make a lot of money and it’s a perfect example of why movies and games just don’t mix for the most part – Iron Man: The Game is little more than a bucket of broken promises and rust.
Condemned 2: BloodShot Review
Condemned 2: Bloodshot is the sequel to a game commonly found for ten bucks in the game store sale bin. Many reviewers love Condemned 2, but to me, it is just another title that will eventually end up like its predecessor. Maybe Im not interested in the story, or maybe the genre throws me off, but to me, Condemned 2 is a forgettable title. You are Ethan Thomas, who after leaving his job as a SCU agent, has found his way into a state of continuously drunken stupor. Ethan has become a raging alcoholic, which has interesting ramifications, but not interesting enough to improve the bland story line. Ethan decides to go on a wild goose chase after his friend Van Horn. Along the way he fights both real and supernatural demons (that mostly look like meth addicts), generally as a result of his drunken state. -
AMD Phenom X3 processor family performance
The latest processor series from AMD is a little unusual as it makes use of not one, two, or even four cores, but rather three! That’s right, the new Phenom X3 carries an unusual core configuration, and I guess the question most of you are probably asking yourselves (as we did) is why? The most reasonable explanation is that this still allows AMD to sell Phenom X4 processors with a defective core, minimizing their loss. Second, it gives some leverage for AMD to compete with Intel’s dual-core processors, being able to pull the "additional core" card. -
Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P80R Spider Edition
In our CES 2008 coverage of Lian-Li you saw the awesome Lian Li PC-P80 R AMD Spider Edition case. These cases are just now coming through manufacturing, and TPU is one of the first sites in the world to bring you a detailed look at this new case. It features nearly everything an enthusiast could want, but is it truly the dream of an ADM/ATI fan?  techPowerUp
Hyper Sonic AG2 Notebook
With the recent purchase of Hyper Sonic OCZ has added another company to their portfolio, further diversifying their product range. Hypersonic's AG2 Notebook, which we have on our testbench today has been engineered to be light weight and portable with less than 1.8 kg. The design also looks stunning with its a high quality, glossy paint.techPowerUp
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