Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 20/04/08 Page: 1
Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 20/04/08
Every week Overclock3D's news mailbox is spammed full of content from partner sites around the globe. Even with a dedicated team of 50 news posters we just cant keep up! So here's a round-up of the best bits we've received over the past week:
First benchmarks: Phenom X4 9100e
PCGH.de made a quick review of the Phenom X4 9100e, the first energy efficient quadcore processor from AMD with 65 watts TDP. It comes with 1.8 ghz and B2 stepping. - PCGH.de
INTEL Q9450 Core 2 Quad Processor Review
Ever since Intel released their Core 2 Duo line of computer chips, they've been winning the war for processor supremacy. And not only at the high end of the spectrum, their more affordable dual and quad core chips have shown better performance than their AMD competition at similar price points which leaves consumers hard pressed to take the AMD route. With their foot planted firmly on the neck of the competition, the boys in blue are unleashing a killer combo of budget quad cores that make AMD's new Phenom already look dated. - HardwareLogic
ASUS EN8800GT 1GB Graphics Card
You did your research and you’ve discovered that the 8800GT continues to be one of the best value for money cards when it comes to good mid-range performance. The thing is, you wouldn’t mind kicking it up a notch in the memory department if you had the choice. Well, we might have found the card for you here today. ASUS has recently released an 8800GT that is packing 1GB of GDDR3 memory. However, it’s not uncommon for a bump in memory to do nothing more than make you feel a bit better about your system. Really, there’s only one way to find out if the extra memory does anything for your gaming experience, and that is to run it through a multitude of tests. - TweakTown
Creative EAX vs. ASUS DS3D GX 2.0 Article
Not long ago, we received word from ASUS that they had managed to incorporate EAX effects into the drivers of their Xonar cards. Soon afterward, Creative told everyone that was false, and that ASUS "EAX" was not true EAX. Who's telling the straight story, and will you even notice a difference? Techgage
NVIDIA Hybrid SLI Interview
We have posted an interview with NVIDIA’s Director of Technical Marketing Tom Peterson concerning their exciting new Hybrid SLI Technology. Although this question and answer session only skims the surface of Hybrid SLI, it does serve as general introduction to the technology and is supplemented with visual aids. - NVNews
Optimize USB Drive Performance in Vista
Flash-based USB devices can benefit greatly from this tweak, as many of these drives peak at a 6 or 7-megabyte per second write speed. The storage capacities of today's flash drives are measured by the gigabyte, so filling up an 8GB or 16GB drive can be a long process. This tweak won't magically make the silicon in the drive work faster, so copying 8GB of MP3s will take just as long from start to finish with or without this tweak. Relative drive performance improves by making the device available sooner for other processes, like when you're using portable applications on the device or transferring small batches of files.[OC]ModShop
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