Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 20/07/08 Page: 1
Overclock3D's Weekly Review Roundup - 20/07/08
Every week Overclock3D's news mailbox is spammed full of content from partner sites around the globe. Even with a dedicated team of 50 news posters we just cant keep up! So here's a round-up of the best bits we've received over the past week:
Top 10 Computer Game NPCs
It isn’t all about the Master Chief and Gordon Freeman, you know. Sometimes we have to give some love out to the NPCs and supporting characters too – which is exactly what we’ve tried to do here. Below, we offer up the list of our top ten supporting characters from computer games. The only rules we imposed on ourselves are that entrants cannot be the main playable character of a game and that each franchise can only feature once. Other than it’s a level playing field – villains and heroes are both welcome!bit-tech
Batman: The Dark Knight Movie Review
Riding a wave a fan expectations and anticipation as well as surrounding by the tragic death of Heath Ledger, the latest installment in Writer/Director Christopher Nolans Batman Series, The Dark Knight, has arrived. Christian Bale once again stars in the dual role of troubled billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and the masked avenger Batman, as he attempts to bring order to Gotham City. The film picks up shortly after the events of Batman Begins and finds Bruce and his trusty sidekick Alfred (Michael Caine), splitting their time between a lofty penthouse and a secret lair while Wayne Manor is being rebuilt. The streets of Gotham have become safer as thanks to Batman many of the bad elements of the city have either been arrested or driven off.[OC]ModShop
nVidia Hybrid SLI Technology Article
The idea behind combining multiple graphics processors to increase performance is nothing new. While you might be familiar with recent SLI and Crossfire solutions from modern-day video card manufacturers nVidia and AMD/ATI, the birth of multi-GPU 3D gaming can be traced back more than ten years ago to a company called 3dfx and their Voodoo2 graphics chipset. Today we find nVidia and AMD/ATI competing on a new graphics front, combining a hybrid mix of integrated motherboard graphics chipset commonly found in low-cost mainstream computer systems with that of a more traditional separate discrete graphics card.OCIA.net
ThermalTake DH102 Home Theater PC Case Review
Manufacturers are working hard to make these new PC cases look like traditional Home Theater equipment. The cases are built with anodized aluminum, come with authentic HT feet, and are adorned with volume knobs, media controls, stealthed DVD bays, and display readouts. One of the latest (and coolest) display readouts is a large LCD touchscreen that allows the user to operate the PC completely without a remote control. The DH-102 Home Theater Case is Thermaltake's flagship case that comes with a large 7" touchscreen LCD, media controls and knobs, and is certainly worthy of being included in any elite home theater rack.[OC]ModShop
Hiper Osiris Aluminum ATX Case
The Hiper Osiris is the company's newest offering in the crowded case market. It features numerous improvements over the Anubis, while coming in at a lower price point. The case also comes in black or silver and successfully improves on everything we criticized in our Anubis review. - techPowerUp
ATI RADEON HD 4870 X2 (R700) 2x1024MB Preview
Today we are going to preview a dual-GPU monster based on R700, the ATI RADEON HD 4870 X2 (R700) 2x1024MB. This article is exclusive enough, because the official announcement is scheduled only to August.Digit-Life
TekNmotion Pulsar SX Gaming Headset
TekNmotion Pulsar SX is the name of a brand new headset aimed at gamers. The Pulsar SX features a USB sound card, vibration feature, and blue lights. This headset has a lot of unique features and costs a mere $59.99 which is cheap considering the integrated USB sound card.techPowerUp
Crysis even better: exklusive pics from upcoming texture mod
PCGH managed to snag some exclusive screens from the upcoming texture modification for Crysis. - PCGH
Asus Maximus II Formula Intel P45 Motherboard
We're writing to let you all know that we have just posted a new article at HotHardware in which we evaluate the features and performance of the Asus Maximus II Formula Intel P45 motherboard. The Maximus II Formula is a member of Asus' high-end "Republic of Gamers", or RoG, series of motherboard and as such it is loaded with integrated peripherals and has an elaborate cooling setup. Head on over to the site and check it out...HotHardware.com 
4 Must Have iPhone Games
Since the debut of the App Store, there has been a flood of generic puzzle games and a good number of racing games. The accelerometer based steering for racing games is now becoming the norm, is this all iPhone gaming will consist of? Racing and puzzle games galore? Not if these guys have anything to do with it, check out these hidden gems. - OSXReality.com
Coolink Chipchilla Chipset Cooler 
The Chipchilla from Coolink manages to decrease chipset temperatures while maintaining a low noise level. It is extremely light-weight being constructed of copper and aluminum all for an decent price. Limited availability and some installation issues are all that hold this cooler back. - techPowerUp 
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