PAL & NTSC images of GTA IV have been leaked Page: 1
GTA IV logoGrand Theft Auto IV has been leaked a week before release

With the official release just less than a week away, hacked copies of Grand Theft Auto IV have appeared on the net.

The cracking group know as "Icon" have taken the credit for leaking the full Xbox 360, 6.32GB PAL version DVD image to Bittorrent which leads us to believe the source to be from the UK or Australia.  Within the release comments, its recommended that you don't play the game while connected to Xbox Live, so as to avoid feeling the wrath of Microsoft and getting banned.
While this has happened, retailers everywhere have been told quite flatly not to dare break the release date of 29th April, even with pressure from gamers who are desperate to get their hands on the title.  It seems that someone, somewhere wasn't paying much attention.
After doing a little search, many more versions than first reported have hit all the torrent sites, with an NTSC version showing up, which was released courtesy of "101"
The leak as led to a deluge of pictures and videos being posted all over the net.  As fast as clips were appearing on YouTube, they were being taken down although it'll be impossible to keep it under control for very long.

You can check out a photo of the torrent's .nfo file click here.
For a video of the gameplay, click here. (has since been removed).
Although this probably isn't likely to have a major bearing on sales of the game as most people will want to own the full glorious game legitimately, it's a headache they could probably do without, especially with EA lurking around trying to buy Take-Two Interactive as we reported here.
Well they do say all publicity is good publicity I'm not too sure Rockstar will agree.
What do you think about this?  Still going to wait and buy a full legal copy?
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