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Palit announces their first non-reference GTX285

Palit 285Palit Microsystems Ltd., have announced their first custom designed GeForce GTX285, soon to be available in both 1GB and 2GB versions. 

The Palit GeForce GTX285 2GB is the first of its type available in the graphics card market. RAM limitations at extreme resolutions and anti-aliasing settings should no longer be an issue with such a large amount available. Both the Palit GeForce GTX285 1GB and 2GB variants run at a core speed of 648MHz and a 2500MHz speed on the GDDR3 512bit memory.

The GeForce GTX285 series of graphics cards come complete with Nvidias CUDA and PhysX technologies, enabling real-time physics calculations and blazing performance in the latest DirectX 10 games. The GTX285 provides up to 50% more performance than was available in previous generations of graphics cards.
Palit 285 cooler


Palit have designed an innovative cooling solution for their custom GTX285 cards, with two PWM fans and four heat-pipes providing amazing cooling performance whilst being a trustworthy solution to the issue of heat output. Originally conceived for a twin GPU setup, the two PWM fans are capable of providing plenty of airflow to keep the card cool without compromising the pleasure of a quiet gaming environment.

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