Patriot Announces Viper Xtreme Memory Modules for Sandy Bridge Page: 1

Leading memory manufacturer Patriot Memory has updated its Viper Xtreme series of memory modules to match Sandy Bridge specifications. The company has come forth with two new DDR3 modules – the Viper Xtreme Division 2 and G2.

Designed specifically for the upcoming Sandy Bridge processors from Intel, the Division 2 memory kits are aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers, while the G2 offerings are meant for the gaming crowd. Patriot has crafted the Division 2 modules to run at 2133 MHz, while the G2 kits are clocked at two different speeds – 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz respectively.  

Both models have extra low-profile heatsinks, which make them ideal for extreme performance usage. While the memory modules are set to hit market shelves at about the same time as the Sandy Bridge processors, their pricing is yet to be announced by Patriot.

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