Patriot Memory releases 4GB Viper Series DDR2 PC2-8500 Enhanced Latency Kit Page: 1


Patriot today announced the release of their DDR2 Extreme Performance, 4GB Viper Series PC2-8500 (2 x 2GB) enhanced latency kit. This kit offers PC gamers and enthusiasts the power to take advantage of PC applications and today's DirectX10 games that require more than 2GB of memory.

"With the release of the DDR2 4GB PC2-8500 kits, PC gamers will be able to experience gameplay at its finest," says Saeed Arash Far, Engineering Manager for Patriot Memory. "Even professionals who use high-bandwidth multimedia applications for music, video or photography will experience increased benefits from using these new higher density module kits."

The DDR2 4GB PC2-8500 enhanced latency kits also features EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) which will boot at the rated specifications on the latest Nvidia SLI Chipsets. EPP eliminates the need for any manual configuration, allowing uncomplicated overclocking capabilities for consumers looking to maximize the performance of their systems.
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