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Pay what you like
Eidos have took a very brave step in marketing today. They are allowing customers to pre order the new Championship manager title from now until the 10th of September, for any amount they see fit. There are some catches though, first of all, it's a minimum of 1p and they charge a £2.50 "transaction fee". While this is still good value at £2.51 for the game, delivered straight to your desktop on the 11st of September, this game is somewhat watered down though, it doesn't have online capabilities. To get that you need to purchase the £29.99 special edition which also comes with a Notebook, Pencil, and a poster.
This could be a good or bad move really, it allows people to try the game out for a low cost, and also attracts attention to the game as it's cheap. I think Eidos are relying on people paying more than one penny though, although I can't see why you would do that.
To pre order the game, visit the championship manager website here.
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