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PC and Xbox 360 players battle in new Take-Two MMO Champions Online screenshot
An upcoming MMO game from Take-Two Interactive promises to allow cross platform gaming between the PC and XBOX 360. Apparently Cryptic Studio's, the game's developer, see's the future of entertainment coming from crossover titles that join gaming platforms together. How well they can impliment this remains to be seen.
Champions Online will come to the PC and Xbox 360 platforms. Cryptic employees were vague on how will they actually connect Xbox 360 gamers and enable interaction with PC ones, but the goal is to provide seamless experience for both camps at the same time.
Champions Online is based on cell-based rendering (think Ubisoft' XII) which gives the game a distinct cartoon appearance. The use of cell-based rendering also means that you don't have to have the latest and greatest hardware to take advantage of the game.
According to the source article, the level cap is currently set at 50, and the majority of content is geared to solve quests through dozens of mini-bosses.
View the trailer here
Smart move. It's about time developers started making cross-platform gaming between consoles and the humble PC a reality.
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