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Official Press Release

PCP&C Steps Up Warranties

Power supply specialist PC Power and Cooling recently announced that they will be giving their warranty periods a two-year boost for all of their power supplies.  The Silencer series PSU warranty will go up from 3 years to 5 years while the while the well-known Turbo-Cool series warranty will jump from 5 years to 7 years.

"As customers will often report that PC Power & Cooling PSUs continue to power their machines after more than a decade, we have decided to extend our warranties for both the Silencer and Turbo-Cool lines by 2-years, as an expression of our continued confidence in PC Power products and ongoing commitment to our customers", said PCP&C founder Doug Dodson.

Considering PCP&C's reputation for stable, long-lasting, quality power supplies, it is unlikely that this was necessary.  However, it shows how dedicated PCP&C is to providing quality products and support for their customers.

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