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How many times have you found yourself losing your grip when gaming? Late night sessions with mates; greasy corn chips; pizza and soft drink; sweaty hands - it's a recipe for disaster. Thankfully there is a solution and it comes in the form of stick on pads that provide additional traction between your hand and the surface of your mouse. This is especially important if you happen to own a gaming mouse that lacks grip for your fingers like the Logitech G7 laser mouse for example.

Packaging front

Following the conclusion of my recent XtracPads Ripper XL v2 mouse mat , I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their Mouse Grips. Of course I jumped at the offer and subsequently these will be the subject of todays review. Let's see what Mouse Grips have to say about their product:

All NEW version 2.0
Featuring egrips® Technology

Get an edge over your opponents by keeping your grip sure and steady.
Made from a very special blend of a texturized rubber, MouseGrips are an excellent companion to any computer gamer or power user. Get your game on without loosing control with MouseGrips

So what exactly are Mouse Grips? Essentially Mouse Grips are small shapes of high-traction rubber with a sticky backing that can easily be applied to your gaming mouse, games controllers or even mobile phones. The only real limit to the application is your imagination. Again, let's see what Mouse Grips have to say about their product:

Precision cut shapes to fit most any mouse or trackball. Sporting a very thin profile, Mouse Grips v2.0 are designed to enhance your gameplay and computer usage by providing comfort and super grip. Installation couldn't be easier! Simply peel them off and place them on your mouse wherever they feel the most comfortable to you.

Mouse Grips also have a rather amusing commercial on their website that really sums everything up. You can view it here (Flash Player required)

Anyway, let's get on with the review...


* Designed for use on Logitech, Razer, Microsoft, Dell, Kensington, Creative and many more computer mice and trackball pointing devices.

Packaging and Contents

The Mouse Grips packaging is fairly simple, but quite eye-catching. Featuring a predominantly red and black theme with a mouse on the front cover that spruiks the fact that Mouse Grips can also be used on trackball devices, joysticks and game pads.

Mouse Grips front cover

Packaging rear

On the rear of the packaging it provides a simple illustration of how to clean and install Mouse Grips on your mouse as well as a basic run-down on how they can improve mouse control.

For those interested, Mouse Grips have a FAQ section on their website which provides significantly more information that simply couldn't be included on the packaging. Feel free to read their FAQ section here

Opening up the packaging I was greeted by a small sheet of paper housing the Mouse Grips and an included cleaning sachet. (For those of you in the know, check out the re-order code in the top right corner :))

Package contents

Currently, the Mouse Grips v2 are only shipping in this colour - Graphite. But according to the manufacturer if the demand for additional colours grows, then they will look at introducing additional colours. Personally I like the graphite theme as it goes well with my Logitech G7.

Mouse Grips alternate view

The Mouse Grips are incredbly thin...in the vicinity of approximately 1mm in thickness for those who use the metric system. You can see just how thin from the image below.

Mouse Grips width

Let's head over the page and see how easy the Mouse Pads are to apply...

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Using the included towelette I prepared my Logitech G7 by quickly running over it to remove any trace of body oils or accumulated crud.

Logitech G7 bare

Now the beauty of the Mouse Grips really becomes apparent here, as the shapes are almost custom made for my mouse. For anyone considering purchasing Mouse Grips, should you need to 'modify' any of the shapes it can be easily done with a utility knife or sharp pair of scissors.

Further, it's really nice to know that you can add 'grip' to your mouse according to the way that you like it...and not according to what the mouse manufacturer thinks you need. I can personally attest to this as I have particularly short fingers and find the Logitech G7 gets quite slippery in my hands if they in any way get moist. The additional grip that the Mouse Grips provide is a god-send.

G7 with Mouse Grips

However, just be sure that you have your Mouse Grips in the right position before fixing because the adhesive backing will be significantly reduced should you need to reposition any of them.

G7 with Mouse Grips 2

G7 with mouse grips front view

Initially I must confess that I had some reservations about how much the Mouse Grips would change my overall mouse control, but I'm happy to say that it certainly has increased, even in the very short time that I have had them on my mouse.

G7 with Mouse Grips close-up

You can see from the above image just how much additional grip the Mouse Grips provide.

Now that we've seen how well the Mouse Grips are to apply, let's head over the page to see how well they scored in our review...

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Mouse Grips in use

After my initial reservations about the product, I am pleased to report that I have really grown accustomed to having them on my mouse. You can see from the image above (and no those aren't my nails), just how customisable the product really is. The Mouse Grips would lend themselves well to any given situation that requires additional grip; as a matter of fact I have attached a few small off-cuts to the sides of my mobile phone for additional security.

Whilst many may consider the product a novelty, for those who own mice without a lot of grip you will notice the difference that the Mouse Grips make towards control of your mouse.

Also worthy of a mention here is the fact that the adhesive backing on the Mouse Grips doesn't leave any sticky residue remaining on the surface of your mouse. Typically, many gum-based adhesives leave a tell-tale residue that can lead to unsightly 'balling' if left unchecked after removal. However, just be sure that you have your Mouse Grips in the right position before fixing because the adhesive backing will be significantly reduced should you need to reposition any of them.

Cleaning the Mouse Grips is a cinch...All it takes is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and the grip is restored.

According to the manufacturer, Mouse Grips should be good for 6 months of continuous wear and tear if regularly maintained through cleaning. But considering that there is essentially enough of the material included for two whole applications, the US$12.95 purchase price is more than reasonable in my opinion. In fact it's down-right cheap.


+ Price.
+ More than a novelty, it really does provide additional grip on your mouse.
+ Limitless application.
+ Two applications provided in the packaging.
+ Easy to customise.
+ Quality


- None really, but some may not take to the Graphite colour scheme nor the look of the Mouse Grips.

Recommended Award Innovation Award

Overclock3D would like to thank PCXmods for providing the Mouse Grips v2 for review

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