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Phenom II 965 with lower TDP

Phenom II X4 965 BE, set for a reduction in requirementsLast week we reviewed the new flagship Phenom II X4 processor, the 965 Black Edition. With the speed increase of 200Mhz over the 955 BE, the TDP increased from the suspected 125W to 140W, this was because to make all four cores run at a guarenteed 3.4GHz, they had to increase the voltage by 0.05v to 1.4v.
Well, there is already reports that in Q4 2009 there will be a Phenom II 965 released with the same 125w as the 955, presumably with a voltage of 1.35v again. There isn't said to be a new stepping for this CPU as all of the 45nm AMD processors have been on the C2 stepping. However, there are reports that in early 2010, AMD will begin to use a C3 stepping, as the last stepping stone before 32nm processors. Wether this will allow higher overclocking headroom or lower power draw is unknown.
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