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Phenom II Coming Later Than Expected?

Last week, a number of slides from AMD were shown detailing a January 2009 release of their 45nm Phenom II quad-core CPUs.  It seems this time frame may have been a bit optimistic.  The guys over at OC Workbench asked their insider sources about this and got a skeptical response.  These sources say that they don't expect mass availability until at least March of next year, possibly even as late as June for Computex.

If true, this would be a serious blow to AMD in the CPU sector.  They have only just now been showing that they were getting back onto their feet.  A release delay would be yet another disapointment out of them, and more users may turn their backs on AMD as a company that can't deliver.  Not to mention that Intel has already gotten their new Core i7 platform onto the market and would be sure to capitalize on any further AMD delays.

Will AMD be able to deliver, or will these unnamed sources prove to be right?

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