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Phenom II X3 processor unlockable

According to reports on the web, people reckon they have worked out how to enable the fourth core in a Phenom II X3 processor. X3's are really X4's with one core disabled, but with a BIOS trick it seems a cheap way to take advantage of more speed -  especially for multi core applications.

From what we know, only 0904 batches of Phenom II X3 can be unlocked. Basically, it just uses ACC core to trick the CPU to enable 4th core that has been classed unstable by AMD. However, not all unlocked Phenom II X3 will be stable so you will need some luck here.

All that is required to unlock your Phenom II X3 processor is a 790GX + SB700 motherboard but please remember that the fourth core has usually been disabled for a reason. All you have to do is to modify the "Advanced Clock Calibration" to Auto and your X3 should become an X4.

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